Discussions to Hydrogen Fuel and Artificial Intelligence Vehicle and Their Training in African Industry Download PDF

Journal Name : SunText Review of BioTechnology

DOI : 10.51737/2766-5097.2021.033

Article Type : Review Article

Authors : Xu R, Hur BH and Kim Y

Keywords : Hydrogen fuel; Discussion; Artificial intelligent vehicle; Training; Africa industry


The new technology of hydrogen fuel and artificial intelligence vehicle may occupy new position which are new renewable energy and wisdom respectively in Africa technology. They are green and convenient products that utmost decrease contamination and increase convenience. Therefore they should be treated carefully and importantly. The training will be proceeded in terms of seminar where each one may lecture their work achievement in order to communicate with each other’s. Through different method they may be learned the core knowledge to maintain each future position and even leader. Leadership will become an important culture in our society which may raise their effectiveness and depth as a person. In this study the above two and train is discussed detail will be seen in the article part. The train course is discussed in detail as three kinds of company and society & books besides asking seniority who could tell you the core resolution. Therefore going on train with above several methods we shall acquire what we want really in order to become a leader to solve the difficulty and continue study the special knowledge. Conquering the technological difficulty to make new and innovative design and idea to work all the time which I think we must acquire new creation to drive force in related field.


The hydrogen fuel as a terminal product has been paid more attention. It is the same in Africa since there is some contamination materials. Because it is green and renewable energy it has no contamination hydrogen fuel battery becomes a promise material and source to be utilized in vehicle and other place like electricity generator. Through its bottle it will pour into tankage in vehicle to form the electric power to drive it. It is convenient device and principle to make chemical energy to electricity one simply so it is called as a promise fuel in vehicle. Meantime the human resource training will meet the important problem, so we can find them in special school and university to occupy the corresponding position to make creation in this top field. Many labs may proceed the same type hydrogen experiment to find more low cost process and method so as to replace current coal generator. Because before the product is put to market the cost calculation will be proceeded positively the product cost comparison may need to be done and the certain profit is the destination for the risk and reinvestment demand. We shall pay attention to the cost in order to make more profit in short period [1-3]. The train includes the seminar and expression to grasp and find new creative subject in company and school where the new innovation may need to be created and make more easy process to produce with low cost material. The AI (artificial intelligence) vehicle may be the tip field in software technology to realize common driving like L2 level AI vehicle. The same way the train may be wider and more wisdom in high technological product. We should not only learn from books but also from others especially specialist on order to become future leader. The destination in this study may be hydrogen fuel and AI vehicle which is a combination of computer and machine which is senior department for us to apply to. To train this kind of excellent human resource may become more and more prevalent than before. Because the software and computer technological level attains a normal place currently we can make AI vehicle etc. mechanic electronic part to use to vehicle core chip to realize the semi and complete function of AI production.


Hydrogen fuel and its training

When the hydrogen as a fuel has been put into proton exchange membrane (PEM) the hydrogen’s electron may move from cathode to anode through external circuit which cannot go through PEM so the electricity will be formed. Its proton and oxygen may form the water through PEM and they may be excluded. So the electricity may drive the motor in the end. In future the proton exchange membrane fuel cell occupy the main fuel market due to its non-contamination and clean feature. If the fuel just is poured in fuel station it can run long distance. Since it expels water eventually which is renewable the only hydrogen needs to be made from water and it is recycle source. As a new energetic resource hydrogen has a strong promise life. Like the new energy car hydrogen may be arranged to a higher position to use in future and currently. Because water has a widespread resource for us to exploit and our destination is the no contamination the hydrogen as owning both functions may need to be searched further for the cost down. As a widest distribution in earth if the water usefulness is available it will give us numerous source for our cars motor fuel cell. Because the motor is driven that the hydrogen create electricity is feasible. Once hydrogen can produce electricity the task will be completed to drive motor. So our cars have been assembled with hydrogen capability the chemical energy may transform the electricity to use in a motor in order to drive cars and not need gear box to transform mechanical energy. The hydrogen is called as the terminal may replace the petroleum in the end, which is reported. Therefore its importance is evidence. The coal petroleum need to be made from oilfield and the gasoline etc. will be produced from it. The baddest is the carbon may be formed through vehicle and boiler which is harmful to environment and our health. Thereby the carbon elimination will become an important thing for us to do. How to complete this task may be significant by government who propose carbon summit and neutral. It is significant plan and behaviour to our future life pattern. We need to adopt this new plan to our environment and for green & Renewable one it gives us new mechanism which prevents us from old environment and its old mechanism. Furthermore we must adopt to the new mechanism in advance we can create the future and become the leadership in order to make new creation to the world. From now on we need to be educated through all of kinds to learn more about necessary technology to satisfy the next generational knowledge. For the sake of the leading the high technology and occupying certain position of advantage the essential special subject would be studied and absorbed completely. To create new technology in work we should learn from each other to promote our solving problem we meet which is called teamwork. Only good teamwork could give us infinite ability to survive in future. That we shall neglect the individual barrier to avoid worker and staff is a feasible way to common development, and increase our level to solve the difficult problem. This is called as the company study where the common communication will be proceeded. It can be proceed a periodic time for example one and two times in a week through it we may learn some new thing that we never learned before. The chairman will be let to nominate as experience one who can preside over the seminar course and make decision to increase the seminar time or decrease. There is common speak right to everybody who can prepare the material and express according to prior turn. After express the question may be ask to discuss topic positively. Using this method may promote us ability to learn and create new thing by asking. It is a very important seminar to learn more people and knowledge for us to ask ourselves the key problem. Since the seniority presides over the seminar the right way will be searched to decrease the wrong way. To deviate topic may be avoided in conference which can be corrected through qualifications. At last the seniority will express conclusions in this seminar to try to lead others consider more and deeper technological issue. Next is leadership where all the important matter will be learned by us, meantime we may propose some suggestions to make manager. If one has enough knowledge and capability he can promote from group becoming manager to wield bigger role in company. The manager would be responsible for burden and find the confidence and route from difficulty. He can scold other and persuade them and create profit from business chance. Everybody can become a certain leader, but leadership. Everyone may train leadership to affect others. Good leadership has good leader. On the contrary good lead must have good leadership.

Permeability ratio increasing of L2 level artificial intelligence vehicle & training

With China promoting the internet of things and artificial intelligence & electricity the vehicle exhibits strong increasing tendency in recent years. Its permeability of new vehicle attains 20% which is 2 times to compare with 9% in 2019. It expresses that the market accepts artificial intelligence highly. With the development of technology and form of habit there is further promotion in future to AI permeability. It expresses that computer technology is transforming to car function [1]. In future there is more and more product of computer will flow into vehicle all function. We and system may drive the car together for security and optimum. L2 level vehicle is the common driving by driver and internet of things. Therefore there is potential chance to be developed and applied to vehicle part to be convenient and comfortable in vehicle. The human resource needs to be educated largely to support the AI and internet of things industry. More person with related knowledge pursues this industrial demand for the third industry. Meantime the rapid development and requirement is the necessary we have to keep up with it step in advance even predict the future model to new type of vehicle to occupy the market demand. In future the higher level AI vehicle software may be produced and the deeper product may be met through creative idea. Therefore we shall contact all the kinds of work and after a while we can propose new creative one to make newer functional product. Here computer judging system is key. How to search for thousands photos is the key technological link so we must acquire the help from computer technology. It will promote the core software and sensor function in order to combine with the mechanics. Good communication is radical in company in order to learn more useful technology. Good communication is the half success in work. Only normal human can burden and promote the mission granted him. So we need to be increased our mind and physical capability to keep up with the time step and stand on high route to proceed. Not only from books but also from human being who is seniority? Only if we grasp the technique skill can the work proceed longer and stabler. Don’t shame on the asking problem knowing the more asking may put you forwards to long position. Even find the new and different problem which may affect our future. When you have enough ability to create the new thing to make new you will succeed in your life become a professor, specialist and seniority. You can train several person in your department and division to do the most sophisticate work. Not only your mind will be new but also you may create profit from here. Two win will be attained on the view of personal career development and survival. We are not only participating the career course with special knowledge through all kinds of teaching in society and company but also participating in passing the learning knowledge to others through company and inter company’s seminar and conference so you will become a leader and specialist in your career field to be acknowledged by colleagues. Since we are in group society we cannot proceed everything depended on ourselves only. We should take from outer world to copy and make what we want therefore we can acquire help from the outer world. Only if we stand on the outer world can we be promoted more rapidly and make bigger achievement. So if we have interest in doing something we can acquire it through all kinds of approach. There are never impossible thing that is dependent on yourselves. The level should be judged and then to complete you’re all possible endeavor to acquire your destination like software. The wisdom style will be arrived in the end. Therefore the communication and study may help you to grasp the necessary technology to lead new method. In short we can adopt all the kinds of methods to apply to the receive the relating technological level and ability to become a excellent leader in future. It is said that not to be general is not a good soldier in army so it is in company. Only if the one has high will like manager can he become a better engineer and staff. The strong will to be better can make him to become a excellent engineer who grasp deep technology. In order to realize the dream to endeavour himself is to make the one to complete his aim in the end. Since the Curies found radioactive polonium and radium they acquired Nobel Prize for physics in 1903. It is endeavour that the Curies gave they can be successful in their field. We shall learn from them to continue research may bring us a new achievement which leads us to be successful too. There is no shallow road only continuing search can make us success.


As a terminal resource hydrogen fuel battery may have large field to exploit. In future it may replace current coal fuel to become the largest fuel to be used in all kinds of vehicle even heat in Africa. Meantime due to the wide reservation and no contamination it become the largest source to use and reuse in current car as fuel battery which may form electricity from chemical fuel. No more need gear box to transform the mechanical kinematic therefore its usefulness may be the widest. Its train includes the company seminar and report and read books & ask others etc. Through periodic report and reading book the one may approach the key field to grasp in order to become leaders. On the virtuous circle the more one may know a professional knowledge to compete chance and others. L2 level artificial intelligence vehicle may be driven person and system commonly to be convenient and rapid & security. 


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