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Journal Name : SunText Review of Renal Sciences

DOI : 10.51737/renal.2022.003

Article Type : Research Article

Authors : Huang WL

Commentary Article

Upon receiving this invitation from this medical journal to write an editorial, I thought about which subject would be important and, at the same time, generate controversy among our readers, when we find a patient with Kidney insufficiency. If we leave our minds open and flow into the past, we can realize that the medicine that most people learn in medical schools, is only part of a small portion when compared to the history of medicine that took place in the past, in ancient civilizations [1].What we are living and treating today comes from the ways of thinking of ancient doctors and today, our medicine follows the thoughts of Galen (129 ce - c. 216), who lived 500 years after Hippocrates (c. 460 bce - c. 375 bce), and his ideas and reasoning in front of a patient became the basis of medicine practiced at the present time. For Galen, the internal organs are systems within our body that work independently and have no relationship with other organs. In this way, medicine started to treat only the organ in question, when a patient has asthma, the doctor treats the lung. When the patient has a headache, the doctor asks for tests to see if something is wrong at the level of the skull or inside the head, asking for tests located at the point of the symptom [2,3]. But if we listen and heed the commandments of Hippocrates (c. 460 bce - c. 375 bce), the father of medicine, he says that “we should pay more attention to the oldest medicines, before practicing the medicine currently used in the treatment of our patients”. He tells us this because he knew that the oldest medicines had very well-defined theories about several aspects that today, we are not taking into account to improve the health of our patients, therefore, in this small editorial I come to speak with simple words but important so that the reader can know that there are other techniques and ways of thinking that are currently not being used, due to measures implemented in the past, such as after the implementation of the Flexner report in 1910, with Rockefeller and Carnegie as its sponsors, changing the curriculum of medical schools in America and Canada [4]. From this, many changes in the way of doing scientific research were raised to a degree not seen before but on the other hand, there was a change in the way of seeing the patient where medicine only makes a diagnosis after changing laboratory and or radiological exams, only in phase 4 or 5 of the evolution from health to disease, described in several articles written by me as in the article written by myself ( 2020) entitled The Importance of Treating Energy Imbalances and Chakras Replenishment for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer [5]. Therefore, this article, in relation to patients who have Kidney damage diagnosed at the laboratory test level, reminds us that, for a change at the laboratory level to occur, it is necessary to have at least a few years of change in the energy level, and this part of the human being, modern medicine has not had the opportunity to study, due to curricular changes that have taken place in the past. Therefore, in this article, I would like to be able to share the knowledge that I acquired when studying traditional Chinese medicine when I started my studies in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Brazil and that made me expand my field of vision and look at the patient from a new perspective, taking the focus of the symptom (which is only the tip of an iceberg) and being able to look under the ocean, where the real problems are buried and not yet solved by current medical practice [6]. To demonstrate the different levels of a doctor's performance in the diagnosis and treatment of different diseases, I created the figure of the tree, illustrated in all my presentations at conferences and in my scientific articles, demonstrating the different levels of performance of doctors today and where it must still act, which is being left out, and which is the basis of the generation of all the health problems of humanity. In this figure of the tree, I divide it into two main parts, the above-ground part, and the below-ground part. The part above ground is where Western medicine diagnoses and treats nowadays, and is divided into several branches with each branch representing a medical specialty and each leaf that comes out of each branch representing a disease treated by each specialty. In the case of patients who have a problem with Kidney failure, this symptom is just the “tip of an iceberg”. I say “symptom” because the real cause of the problem is at the "root" level of the tree, which Western medicine is unaware of its existence and even considers "unscientific" therefore, most of humanity's diseases today are caused by these alterations in the root of the tree, where the "energies" or batteries of the human being are, so that all organs, glands, and where all the energy base for our survival and fight the formation of diseases are formed. If we are sick today, the reason is that our roots are weakened, often triggered by emotional factors that are the main factors for the beginning of the development of diseases and also in food errors, leading to the imbalance of these internal energies, important for our physical health, mental, emotional and spiritual [7,8]. In the article written myself (2019) entitled Energy Alterations and Treatment in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients with Altered Proteinuria. I am describing a patient who was being treated for systemic lupus erythematosus using several drugs in high concentrations such as corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, etc., and who presented with lupus nephropathy, losing a lot of protein in the urine with depressive symptoms, hair loss, and intense weakness, among other symptoms. One day, she came to me to treat her depression with acupuncture because she was not able to work because she was working at a bank in my city, but her physical appearance was much compromised, and almost no hair, due to the sharp fall. In her treatment, I treated her energy imbalance that was in the "root of the tree" and did not treat the symptoms, as his symptoms were only a reflection of imbalances and energy deficiencies present in the root of the tree. After this treatment, all of her symptoms improved at the same time, her proteinuria dropped to a much lower level than before the acupuncture and her depression improved, her hair began to grow again and his self-esteem improved [9]. In a recent consultation performed by me last month, another patient came with a complaint of weakness and depression but had abnormal laboratory tests with a creatinine of 1.8 mg/dl. The patient was over 60 years old and I measured the energy of all her massive internal organs (Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung, and Kidney) and all organs were in the lowest level of energy, rated one out eight [10]. Her treatment consisted of changing her diet habits and avoiding the intake of cow's milk derivatives, Coldwater, raw foods, and sweets, in order not to unbalance the energy of the Spleen-pancreas, which was very deficient. The second food group that was advised to avoid was the intake of coffee, mate tea, and soft drinks so as not to further reduce the energy of the Kidney, which was already much compromised. The third group of foods that I usually advise to avoid were fried foods, eggs, honey, coconut, alcoholic beverages, and melted cheese as they cause an imbalance in the energy of the Liver and Gallbladder and also increase the formation of internal Heat, responsible for many symptoms at the “leaf" such as hypertension, anxiety, cancer, diabetes, among many other problems [11,12]. With the intention of always maintaining the balance of the internal organs and promoting the natural production of Yin, Yang, Qi, and Blood energies, I always use auricular acupuncture and sometimes bleed the apex of the ear, in order to balance all the energy present in the “root of the tree”, to promote health again at the “leaf level”. As all organs are very low in energy, and for this reason, we must use medicines that will help to promote this recharge of these energies, but the use of any medication in high concentrations these days can make this energy drop even more, which is already very decreased in most patients today [13,14]. Therefore, in 2015 I started my homeopathy course and since then, I realized that homeopathy was a type of medication that is highly recommended to be used by patients today for increasing the person's vital energy. However, the only inconvenience that still prevented its use in the medical environment was the lack of understanding of how the medicines worked, explained in a scientific way. It was for this reason that I started to write a new theory using the principles of traditional Chinese medicine but using as medicine the homeopathic medications already existing within the pharmacopeia of homeopathy created by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) and in this way, we can use the principles of Chinese medicine but treat with Western medication [7]. The five homeopathic medicines recommended in this theory written by me (2020) entitled Constitutional Homeopathy of the Five Elements Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine are Sulphur to treat Heart energy deficiencies, Calcarea Carbonica to treat Spleen energy deficiencies, Silicea to treat Lung energy deficiencies, Natrum muriaticum to treat Kidney energy, and Phosphorus to treat Liver energy deficiency. By treating at this level, at the “root” of the tree, all of the patient's physical and emotional problems can be resolved at the same time at the “leaf level”, even if the doctor is not aware that the patient has such symptoms. This study was a topic presented at an Acupuncture Research Conference that took place in 2015 in the city of Boston on the premises of the Harvard Medical School where the topic presented was: Acupuncture seen holistically can treat all the patient's symptoms at the same time, even if the physician does not know that the patient has such a symptom or disease. This work was based on the case I treated in 2006 in a patient who had pain in his legs and did not get better just by taking anti-inflammatories medications. By treating the root imbalances, his problem improved but also other problems that I was not aware that he was treating glaucoma and caused such as lowering the intraocular pressure, which had never gone down in 40 years using only eye drops being the first time in his life that his intraocular pressure had dropped from 40 to 17 mmHg [15]. So, in this editorial, I would like to say that patients who have Kidney problems are only symptoms but the real problem is underground, invisible to the naked eye. Rebalancing the internal energy using various techniques will improve all the patient's symptoms at the same time, as in the article I wrote (2020) entitled Is it Possible to Treat Nosocomial Cellulitis Post Placement of Hemodialysis Catheter without the Use of Antibiotics?, and in the second article written by me (2021) entitled Chakras’ Energy Deficiencies as the Main Cause of Fatigue during Hemodialysis [16,17]. The patient who had a creatinine of 1.8 completely normalized the results of her exams reaching 1.1 mg/dl without any specific treatment for the Kidney. I treated the patient at the “root level” and not her disease at the “leaf level”, as Hippocrates (c. 460 bce - c. 375 bce), emphasizes in her commandments that “we need to treat the patient and not the disease”. Also, according to Hippocrates (c. 460 bce - c. 375 bce), he says that “it is more important to know what kind of patient has the disease than to know what kind of disease the patient has”. In Chinese medicine, one disease can come from many different internal energy imbalances and one energy imbalance can be the cause of many different diseases. Treatment only at the "leaf of the tree" level is fatally causing damage to the root and thus complicating the course of the disease. Therefore, if we treat the root, we will treat all the leaves of all specialties at the same time and thus, we will only use drugs to promote energy increase, instead of giving drugs to reduce energy, as is done today, using highly concentrated drugs.


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