Ethics & Policy

SunText Reviews is dedicated to follows policies and ethics based on COPE (Committee on Publishing Ethics)

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Ethics and Policies

Ethics and policies are required to achieve quality and trust in scientific publications, to evoke better growth in scientific findings and to give people credit for their findings.


SunText Reviews journals do not require a written consent from the authors of a research paper. But submission to a journal entails that all the listed authors have agreed to all the content of the journal including the author list and contributions. The corresponding author is responsible for the consent of all the authors to be listed in the journal and for their approval of manuscript submission. He also holds responsibility for any communication between the co-authors and the journal before and after the publication. The authors' list should include only the appropriate authors. Authorship in the journal gives credits to the author for his contributions and accountability to his work. Therefore at least one member from the groups should take up the responsibility for the contributions to the manuscript. 

Easy Access

SunText Reviews is committed to providing easy access to our products and services to everyone. We give utmost priority in providing our customers with complete information and understanding of the content. To provide easy access we encourage our authors to provide accessible content and we keep enhancing our features to provide a better platform for the readers.

Article Withdrawal

In general, editors of the respective journal are completely responsible for deciding which articles to be published in the journal. Once the articles have been published they remain intact. Articles which contain errors or have been submitted twice or have wrong claims of authorship, plagiarism or false data are withdrawn.

Duplicate Submission

Manuscripts that have been published previously or are under review elsewhere will come under duplicate submission. If authors are using their own previously submitted work as the base for the current manuscript then prior to the submission they should indicate how the submitted manuscript is novel than the previous work.


SunText Reviews journals are committed in their approach to publishing only original material. Any manuscript that has content from manuscripts of other authors whether published or unpublished will come under plagiarism. Submitted manuscripts that may have false experimental results or manipulated content or images will be considered as false data. These will be taken as a breach in the policy of the journal. This may lead to the withdrawal of the manuscript. 

Author Contribution

It is important to list everyone who made a contribution in the manuscript. The listed authors should have the significant contribution to the manuscript.