SunText Review of Dental Sciences

ISSN: 2766-4996

Article Type : Research Article

The Quality of Periapical Dental X-Ray in Wad Medani Dental Teaching Hospital, Sudan

Authors : Esam A and Ameer A

DOI : 10.51737/2766-4996.2023.159
Keywords : Dental X-rays; Radiographs; Medani dental
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Article Type : Research Article

Dental Workers' Practice of Oral Care and Use of Oral Hygiene Products for the Elderly

Authors : Hee Ja Na

DOI : 10.51737/2766-4996.2023.161
Keywords : Dentists; Dental hygienists; Infection control; Dentures; Fluoride application; Elderly; Oral care
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Article Type : Editorials

Artificial Intelligence - A Game Changer in Dentistry

Authors : Patil K

DOI : 10.51737/2766-4996.2023.163
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Article Type : Research Article

One Tooth or Many: Why Teamwork is Essential for Overall Health

Authors : Vishnu Sri Priya J, Melath A, Subair K and Saicharan G

DOI : 10.51737/2766-4996.2023.162
Keywords : Teamwork; Interdisciplinary dentistry; Overall health; Clinical practise
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Article Type : Research Article

Effect of Different Designs of Class IV on Labial and Palatal Class V Restoration in the Maxillary Central Incisors: A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis Study

Authors : Al-Shami AARA, Al-Kholani AIMD, Al-Shami IZ and Al-Shamahy HA

DOI : 10.51737/2766-4996.2023.164
Keywords : Class IV designs; Class V restoration; Labial and palatal restorations; Maxillary central incisors; Three-dimensional finite element analysis; Von Mises stresses
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