SunText Review of Pharmaceutical Sciences

ISSN: 2766-5232

Article Type : Research Article

Detection and Identification of Metronidazole in Kigelia Africana Fruit Growing in Sudan

Authors : Shargi AH, Magbool FF, Ibrahim ME, Aboied M4, Alsdig M and Ahmed ASA

DOI : 10.51737/2766-5232.2023.019
Keywords : Kigelia africana; Antidiarrheal; Metronidazole; Anticancer; Antimicrobial; Phytochemical screening
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Article Type : Short commentary

Recent Trends of Combined Oral Hypoglycemic Agents (OHAs) with Drug Pricing

Authors : Bando H

DOI : 10.51737/2766-5232.2023.020
Keywords : Oral hypoglycemic agent (OHA); Imeglimin (Twymeeg); Vildagliptin and metformin (EquMet); Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW); National Health Insurance (NHI) drug price
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Article Type : Short communication

The Study of the Molecular Structure of the Nine -High, Depending on the Concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide by the Method of Spin Labels

Authors : Sultonov RA , Rajabov UR, Yusufi SJ, Navruzzoda GF and Yusupov IK

DOI : 10.51737/2766-5232.2023.021
Keywords : Molecular dynamics; Spin label; Medicinal plant; Elecampane high; Hydrogen peroxide; Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR); Nitroxyl radical
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Article Type : Research Article

Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of 4-[2-Hydroxy-5-(Aryl-Diazenyl) Phenyl]-6-(Aryl) Pyrimidine Derivatives

Authors : Bhosale MT, Dighe PR and Deshmukh AS

DOI : 10.51737/2766-5232.2023.022
Keywords : Heterocyclic compounds; Chalcones; Pyrimidine; Anti-bacterial activity
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Article Type : Research Article

Ancient vs Modern Cosmetic/Medical Formulations

Authors : Morganti P, Visentin P and Chen HD

DOI : 10.51737/2766-5232.2023.023
Keywords : Ancient “secreti”; Ancient formulations; Medical art; Wellness; Health cosmeceuticals; Nutraceuticals; Nanotechnology; Innovation; Tissue-carriers
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Article Type : Research Article

Assessment and Monitoring of Adverse Effect of Metoprolol

Authors : Gawande N, Gaikwad O and Bodke V

DOI : 10.51737/2766-5232.2023.024
Keywords : Pharmacovigilance; Metoprolol; ADR
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